Focus mode web-extension

Sometimes when we need to focus on something, let's say study maths, we end up browsing some unrelated websites. There should be a web-extension to put the browser on focus mode and block all other websites to prevent any distraction.

NSFW web-extension

a web-extension to turn the browser to the NSFW mode. It should hide every image or video on the current browsing website.

Pacman in a maze

We have all played Pacman, and we know he already has problems with his enemies. If you want to make his life more miserable, put him in a maze. So he must run away from his enemies and solve the maze at the same time.

Subtitle generator

An app to receive a video file and generate subtitles with the correct timing. For this, you need some sort of speech recognition service such as DeepSpeech made by Mozilla. I haven't tested DeepSpeech, but if it works correctly, the real challenge would be on how to sync the subtitle with the video. If you did this, please send me the link to mention it here.

Visualize incoming requests

A web or CLI app that visualizes incoming requests to a specific port(s). It should be able to handle different protocols (TCP, FTP, SSH). The output can be visualized in different ways, for example, how many requests per second are receiving, from which IP addresses, etc. Not to say that it must be real-time.

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